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Big-Bag Discharge system .


Mobile Big Bag Discharge station in combination with a Flexible Screw Conveyor .


Big Bag Discharge system .


Big Bag Discharge system with agitation dishes .


Discharge station with Base Massage and vibrating plate .


Big Bag Discharge station with ST Docking head and Big Bag Vacuum unit for dustfree discharging of the Big Bag.


3D view of the ST Docking head in open condition .


3D view of a Big Bag Discharge station with pneumatic cylinders for streching the Big Bag and the ability to discharge different Bag sizes .


3D view of a Big Bag Discharge station with agitation dishes ,docking head and bufferhopper with a pick up to a vacuumconvey .


3D view of a mobile Big Bag Discharge station. Because we can seperate the top section from the base frame, this station is very qualified for low height situations .