S.T. Projects is familiar with the many possibilities of storage and can provide the even so many executions, determined by the specific demands.

The mentioned ways of storage and their (material) - executions are only some examples. In many cases the properties of the product that must be stored and the demands which are set for this product are determinative for the exact execution and possible terminal equipment. In example terminal equipment for conditioning of surrounding air and/or good discharge and realise supply to the process.

Storage in combination with discharge almost always stands at the beginning of the process, also during the process (between)storage can play an important role at the further supply in the process.

By means of the process certain demands (discharge and supply) a choice will be determined for among other things :

  • Silo 
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum 
    • Polyester/plastic
    • Steel
  • Big-Bag filling and discharge systems
  • IBC (Intermediate Bulk containers)
  • Sack tip stations
Stainless Steel Aluminum Polyester /
silos1_75x50.png st_silo3_75x50.png st_silo_75x50.png
Steel BBD  BBF
st_nst-silo_75x50.png bblos_75x50.png st_simple_bbf_frame_50x75.png
IBC's IBC's Sack tip Stations
st_container_lijn_75x50.png st_container_75x50.png st_zakkenstort_icm_feeder_50x75.png