For the many different products there are many different mixers, each exists with their specific properties. Depending on the quantity of the product and the product properties of the product to mix we determine our choice of mixer.

The appropriate choice of a correct mixer requires considerable  knowledge and experience. S.T. Projects has the knowledge and experience to correctly select and provide mixers for the process, for example: 

Mixing silo
Cone mixers Share mixers
STP.png st_conische_meng_75x50.png  st_ploegschaarmenger_75x50.png
Ribbon mixers Tumble mixers Container- and
vessel mixers
st_lintmenger_75x50.png  st_tuimelmeng_50x75.png  st_container_blender_50x75.png
Wet / Dry mixers  IBC
Bulk Container)
 st_nat-droog_menger_50x75.png  st_ibc_blender_75x50.png